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  • Up To Million Americans Can't Even Afford Bankruptcy *  By : Staff
    Between 200,000 and one million American consumers are estimated to be unable to afford the cost of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, according to new research released by the National Bureau of Economic Research.
  • Illinois Garnishments and Bankruptcy *  By : Staff
    In Illinois, a judgment creditor can obtain a court order to put in place a wage deduction from your earnings. This is commonly referred to as garnishment.
  • 5 Ways to Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy *  By : Staff
    The B Word. We know what it is but don't like to say it, and we hope we never have to go through it.
  • How to Keep your Car in Bankruptcy *  By : Staff
    So is there a way to keep your car when you file for bankruptcy? Here are some things you can do.
  • Ask the Attorney: Debt Management or Bankruptcy? *  By : Staff
    I am up to my neck in credit card debt and donít know where to turn.
  • Small Business Bankruptcy Explained  By : Jennifer Masse
    At times the small business fail and small business bankruptcies transpire. You will need to take the assistance of an attorney whilst declaring bankruptcy of your small business. Business bankruptcies are described as liquidation and reorganization of business and funds. Small business may be grouped in the following techniques and they can file under three types of bankruptcies specified through the federal law. Firstly we all ought to have an understanding of the business forms which can be f
  • Bankruptcy Software is making life better and fastens up the bankruptcy process.  By : Lee-Roy van Horn
    Bankruptcy software is suited to people who have filed a bankruptcy before and know how the process works or those who simply don't have the cash to pay money for something else. In general bankruptcy software is extremely straightforward to use. Online bankruptcy software is used like every other plain text net page.
  • Do You Need Chapter Seven Bankruptcy?  By : Jamie Wright
    In order to be eligible to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor must be an individual, partnership or corporation or other business unit. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a sole individual cannot claim. If the debtor receives credit counselling within 180 days from an approved agency, some exceptions are made. The debtor must fill out a petition with the bankruptcy court regarding their assets in order to receive Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A schedule of assets and liabilities, a schedule of current income and expenditures and a statement of financial affairs with the court must also be filed in addition .
  • How Avoid Credit Card Bankruptcy  By : Jamie Wright
    Feel like your falling for the subtle entices of your credit card? If so then there are some things that you should know before you fall in to credit card bankruptcy instead. Credit card bankruptcy obviously refers to a situation where one does not have sufficient finances to settle their credit card bills.
  • Why Choose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  By : Jamie Wright
    Bankruptcy happens if person or an establishment lawfully reveals their unfitness to resolve the repayments to the creditors. In that respect, there are certain laws and regulations concerning bankruptcy, and they are aimed at offering a form of security to the creditors and the debtors. Bankruptcy chapter 13 is a chapter which is taken in the United States Bankruptcy code which can be selected by those filing for bankruptcy.
  • What is Bankruptcy?  By : Staff
    Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which an individual who cannot pay her bills may be able to get financial relief.
  • Why Should I File for Bankruptcy?  By : Staff
    Financial problems these days are very common and you shouldn't be ashamed of admitting your too far into debt. Outstanding debts can occur in a variety of different ways.
  • Bankruptcy Codes And You  By : Letha Lashley
    Even though most people don't consider themselves at a financial risk for bankruptcy, the sad statistics are that today more and more people are heading that direction. In fact, the various forms of bankruptcy such as chapter 7, chapter 13, and even chapter 11 are becoming a more popular financial out for people and businesses each and every day.
  • Does Bankruptcy Ruin Your Credit Forever?  By : Paul McDermott..
    When people live in a free market economy like America, good and bad can result as a direct consequence of people's actions. Some people may mass large sums of money while others may become bankrupt.
  • Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy  By : S.Lieberman
    Many people now a days have severe financial difficulties. While bankruptcy is usually the last resort in a long road of financial pressures for many, others may declare bankruptcy a little too early, sometimes without even considering the bankruptcy alternatives.
  • Bankruptcy Filings Soaring Again  By : Staff
    It looks as if last year's reform law did not really stem the enormous flood of bankruptcies after all.

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