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Secondary Insurance Claims Acceptance

As a result presenting an insurance claim causes no issues, the insurer appears receptive, then while the claim is continuing and you are expecting your payout, another disaster happens, but now the insurer refuses to pay. However a letter arrives accusing the insured of neglect and saying they permitted the next claim due to inaction..

John Wilson is a perfect example of what could take place. Whilst cooking spare ribs he quickly left the house to buy drinks, but on returning discovered a fire inside the kitchen. Soon after the insurance company is notified and the claim proceeds, but several days later a part of the ceiling falls causing more damage.

Alas the insurer declines to see to the next claim, the entire claim may very well be rejected now since the insurer declares the house owner was neglectful in preventing the 2nd accident, that a reasonable individual might logically expect the collapse.

In the example, a negligent home owner from the first accident could still expect a successful claim to be processed. Almost all insurers will still complete the 1st claim and pay the homeowner, however the 2nd claim is rejected because the home owner has an implied responsibility to mitigate and watch over anything in the vicinity together with other people. A profesional opinion should have been asked for before trusting the roof, at the same time other things not damaged by the fire should be removed, and the room sectioned off.

Your policy should outline quite openly what is expected when making a claim, then again asking your agent or the appraiser is at all times recommended . Judges and district courts are not able to grant compensation to careless property owners since previous law is on the side of the insurance provider.

A 2nd water claim from a homeowner in Louisiana was not approved when the insurance company was processing a claim for a damaged roof from a tornado. Basically the property owner neglected to fit plastic sheeting to the roof resulting in rain penetrating.

If a problem might be prevented, and nothing is done by the insured to safeguard other items, then a second claim is hardly ever going to be successful, but in severe cases the insurance company might also void the whole policy though the law is often on the side of the house owner if this occurs after filing a subsequent claim.

Following a primary claim it is a good aim to ask the query, "Is there anything that could be done to protect the home?" If the answer is that everything that can be done has been done, so therefore the insured should be in safe territory. However if you respond "no, there is more I could do", then make sure some action is taken, this could be as easy as cordoning off an room, or moving undamaged goods to a secure area.

Yet if you do not appreciate much about insurance policies,you can still take precautions that are common sense to make sure your insurer won't reject all or part of your claim . Insurers may be very large and influential, but you can not think it is Okay to not look after your residence when submitting a claim. You won't get sympathy from the courts if you do.

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