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Child Custody Battles: Alternatives to Attorneys

Child custody battles are usually very challenging both emotionally as well as financially. It truly is critical to keep in mind that no matter whether you win or lose in a child custody battle, it can impinge on not just you but your children for the rest of their lives. Essentially, can you afford not to have an attorney? Listen to what this attorney declared:

"Family law is controlled by individual states, and while certain major trends are pretty universal, particular details of practice and law will vary from state to state, and it is important to remind readers that we cannot offer legal advice for their particular circumstances and they need to consult local practitioners for specific legal advice. (In fact, one common error I find for parties is to not "lawyer up" soon enough. Usually this is because of the fear of lawyers' fees, and meanwhile thousands of dollars in a potential support award are being lost.)"

To begin with, a child custody case is hardly ever straightforward and you will need good child custody information. The documentation is complicated and can be challenging. If not filed correctly or filled out totally, you could possibly neglect chances that could act in your favor.

If your ex-spouse has an attorney, you can anticipate matters to be presented that you may not have thought of , like work schedules, who has been mainly involved with the children, what your leisure activities are, who your friends are, where you're employed, past behaviors, child care measures, where you reside and who you live with, your everyday behaviors - and so on.

Being represented by an attorney informed about child custody battles means you won't be demoralized and you will distinguish what questions you need to raise yourself. If you in fact cannot pay for the cost of an attorney, there are some options that can ensure you have legal representation in court:

- Several states have Legal Aid Services which are federally or state funded. These present free representation to persons below a certain income level. You will have to present evidence of income to see if you qualify.

- If you do not meet the criteria for free legal aid, contact your local Bar Association to check if they offer inexpensive legal programs. Some provide legal assistance which may be delivered on a sliding pay scale based on just how much you earn, which makes it substantially cheaper than regular attorneys' fees.

- More and more, states are providing Child Custody Self-Help clinics on a monthly basis. Attorneys can be found at these to assist you fill out documents, answer queries as well as give guidance.

- Contact your Courthouse to check if they have Facilitators - these are assistants, often paralegals, who can walk you through the process of processing and collecting necessary information in order that you don't miss any vital steps in the course of filing.

While it is sometimes financially challenging to employ the services of an attorney, it seems advisable to do so, in an effort to reach the very best outcome for your children and to ensure against intimidation from the other party. However, these other alternatives in your child custody battle may be useful.

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Article by Gail Bottomley. Gail is interested in child custody rights and getting the child custody information into the hands of those less fortunate is essentail in any child custody battle. For more information visit: YourChildCustodyRights.com.

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